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Use our Snagging Services to ensure the perfect home is delivered to you. 

Get 20% discount on all snagging packages*

*T&C Apply


Use our Snagging Services to ensure the perfect home is delivered to you.

Get 20% discount on all snagging packages*

*T&C Apply

Property Snagging

Is Your Property Nearing Handover? 

The next step would be to employ our exceptional snagging services to ensure that you get your property in a prime and perfect condition

Often, upon handover there are hidden flaws and issues in the property. Once you sign the handover document, you are taking responsibility of the snags and the developer is relieved of the responsibility of delivering the property in the perfect condition. 

If You Are a Home Owner. This is For You! Did You Know You Are Entitled to The 10th Month & Final Snag?

Why is The 10th Month Snag Important?

  • The MEP services are covered under the warranty period (DLP - Defect Liability Period), hence it is important to conduct a snag on these aspects prior to the end of the warranty period to make sure that any problems are rectified.
  • The 10th-month snag helps you find any possible issues in the property before they escalate and later show up after the end of the warranty period.
  • To Ensure the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) aspects of your home are in a good condition.

We Will Deliver Your New Home in Immaculate Condition!

Why Choose Snagging Services?

Get What You Paid For

Ensure Perfect Condition Delivery of Your Property

You have paid for your dream home, and that is what you deserve. We will make sure you get your money's worth.

We will ensure that your new property is without any snags and is in perfect condition. 

Don't Take Responsibility for Faults from Developers' Side

Peace of Mind

With our snagging services, you can be rest-assured that your property is in good hands. 

We help you to not settle for anything less. Take no faults from the developer.

Who We Are?

As Provident Estate's highly skilled Property Management Department, we are here to help you get the best out of your property investment. Our team of professionals will advise you with the best yields possible, screen your tenants, and handle the tenancy with our annual contracts. This includes evaluating and monitoring maintenance work on your property, doing a series of inspections throughout the year, handling complaints and providing 24/7 support to both our tenants and landlords.

We have years of experience managing real estate assets with a large portfolio of international investors. With a department that has been working in Dubai’s Real Estate for nearly 10 years, you have a team you who you can trust and who can support you at every step of the way. 

24/7 Availability

Fast & Reliable

Our Snagging Services

Provident Estate's Highly Trained Property Management Team Offers Exceptional Snagging Services

Resale Inspection

Asset Condition Audits

Handover Inspection

Building Handover Inspection

Solution/Failure Investigations

3rd Party Maintenance Audits

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Theme Park Inspections

Insurance Claims Audits

Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Inspection for Court & Arbitration Cases

Disability access audit

Building Condition Audits

Thermographic Inspection

Full Building Energy Audits

Pipeline Inspection

Let Us Take Your Stress Away!

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